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April 1st 2014 UPDATE: The 2015 CBR300R is officially coming to the USA! Honda made the "official" announcement yesterday that what we thought was the 2014 CBR300R will technically be the 2015 CBR300R. The 2015 CBR300R Release Date is scheduled for August of 2014. The CBR300R Price has not been announced yet but keep an eye on our Facebook page for all of the 2015 CBR300R Updates and also for a 2015 CBR300R Review of Specs / Price / Pictures / Video + More from us at Honda of Chattanooga.

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Official 2015 CBR300R Color for the USA 

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The CBR300R is coming to the US for 2014! Honda has stepped it up again and is going right back after Kawasaki with the Ninja 300 after they decided to bump the Ninja engine size from 250cc to 300cc after Honda entered the market with the CBR250R.

The information started scattering around online so fast it would give you whiplash after it was announced at a press conference in China on October 17, 2013. Here is a quick quote from the press release before we get into more on the All New 2014 CBR300RAt the press conference, Seiji Kuraishi, Chief Operating Officer for Honda's regional operations in China, made the following announcement:

"The motorcycle market in China, which is the largest in the world, has been increasingly diversifying in recent years, and the number of customers who enjoy motorcycles for recreation also is increasing. Against this backdrop, Honda will begin full-fledged business in the area of large-sized motorcycles which provide the joy of riding.
To be more precise, in 2014, Honda will open stores which will specialize in large-sized motorcycles in Shanghai and Beijing. During this exhibition, Honda is exhibiting the CBR500R, which will be the first model to be sold at the specialized stores.
Moreover, Honda is exhibiting the world premiere of the CBR300R, a global motorcycle model for which Honda is planning to begin production in Thailand in the future. The market introduction of this model in China will be discussed in the future.
For the motorcycle market in China, Honda will continue proposing products that offer the highest level of environmental performance, convenience, the joy of mobility and fun of riding."
2014 CBR300R Release Date Price Engine Specs Video News Engine Frame Pictures CBR300R SALE at Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycle Dealer

As I mentioned above, Honda is upping the engine size on one of its hottest bikes in many years to compete against the Ninja 300. The CBR250R still sold very well when going up against the Ninja 300 even though it was down on horsepower when you compared dyno numbers, in the real world though the difference wasn't as large as it looks on paper because Honda knows how to make a motorcycle that is "real world" friendly. As anyone that rides knows, horsepower isn't everything... A lot more goes into what makes a motorcycle fun and easy to ride. Needless to say, Honda has gotten that down after making motorcycles for as long as they have.

The CBR250R was released in 2011, it then quickly became our best selling motorcycle here in America, even surpassing the Gold Wing. With the low MSRP price of $4,199, the single cylinder beginner (experience riders like them too) bike surprises bother experienced and new riders with its level of quality and completeness otherwise non existent in its class. With the 2014 CBR300R having a larger, more powerful engine it should widen its appeal significantly, especially here in the USA where a lot of riders are always wanting to get more and more horsepower out of their motorcycles. The CBR300R will be a huge hit in the Road Racing world too with it having a bit more horsepower and other advances that will make it even more popular than the CBR250R for track day junkies and racers looking to join the smaller cc affordable classes.

When Kawasaki bumped the 250 Ninja engine size to 300cc, it gained quite a bit of horspower bumping it up from 31 to 38 (BHP) horsepower. It looks like Honda is going to be following a similar route by re-designing the CBR fairing for a more aggressive "look". The CBR300R headlights thankfully look like the 2013 CBR1000RR and not the single light resembling the CBR250R. The majority of the rest of the CBR300R does look like they took quite a few styling cues from the CBR500R.

The new 2014 CBR300R has a single cylinder 286cc engine that is based on the CBR250R engine. The CBR300R engine has a claimed 31 horsepower (bhp). Torque ratings I'm still waiting to hear some final numbers on it for the CBR300R as that will be quite interesting to compare against the Ninja 300 because the CBR250R mad more torque than the Ninja 250. With it having more torque than the competition, it makes a motorcycle a lot more rider friendly around town so you don't have to spin the RPM's up so high to get moving etc.

The new 2014 CBR300R boasts a diamond frame with a truss structure and the CBR300R will also be available with Honda's own ABS / Anti Lock Brakes setup known as C-ABS.

As far as a 2014 CBR300R release date goes, of course we all are hoping sooner than later but Honda has yet to announce to us USA Honda dealers when they will and or IF they will release the CBR300R here in the United States so we can have them in stock and on our showroom floor. Honda has however, let us know that they will be Releasing the information on (3) ALL NEW 2014 Honda Motorcycles in November of this year. Also in the press release Honda mentioned "Worldwide" which means that it should make it to our shores unless of course something happens between now and then. If I was a betting man, I would say that one of the bikes under the covers in the picture below (Video above) is the CBR300R. If that is the case then we will be finding out all of the important information pertaining to the CBR300R specs, Release Date, video, pictures and more. 

2014 CBR300R Price Spy Photo Release Date 14 CBR300 Specs Frame Suspension CBR
2014 CBR300R Video Under Wraps? Information Releasing Soon...

The smaller cc motorcycle segment here in the USA has been and is continuing to get really interesting with all of the new models releasing from many of the manufacturers, like the CBR300R / Ninja 300 / KTM 390 Duke and the list goes on.

Now when it comes to the CBR300R Price, with the way Honda has been pushing to drive prices down on all of the new "affordable" models they have been releasing the last 12-24 months, I don't see them pricing it out of the market and having a higher price than the Ninja 300. It also has to come in at a price-point low enough to make the jump from a CBR300R to the CBR500 enough to where consumers would find the CBR300R "good value". As always, we'll have the 2014 CBR300R price discounted to our Sale price once we do have them in stock here at Honda of Chattanooga. Hopefully sooner than later because I'm excited to check one of these CBR300R's out and take it for a ride and throw up a review on how it does. 

What do you think? Is Honda headed in the right direction with the CBR300R as a direct competitor against bikes like the Ninja 300? Post up your opinions...

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