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2014 Rancher 420 ATV Price Announcement / New 2014 TRX420 Rancher Prices at Honda of Chattanooga - PowerSports Dealer since 1962

2014 420 Rancher TRX420 SALE Honda of Chattanooga southern TN Honda PowerSports Dealer

2014 Honda Rancher 420 prices have finally been announced by Honda. Now keep in mind these are "MSRP" prices, they don't reflect our 2014 Rancher SALE prices that we'll have here at Honda of Chattanooga. Scroll down for 2014 Rancher ATV Price List.

2014 Honda 420 Rancher TXR420 SALE Honda of Chattanooga

As you may know, Honda did a redesign on the Rancher for 2014. What surprised us is that Honda is also changing around how the models are offered inside the Rancher line for 2014 too. 

For example: You can NOT get a Rancher 4x4 ES with Electronic Power Steering (TRX420FPE) for 2014.

Another big thing to note as well, Honda now offers the AT (Automatic DCT) Transmission without having to get the IRS as well. In 2013 and prior years if you wanted the Automatic Transmission you had to buy the AT model that had IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) too. 

Not all of the 2014 Rancher models will have the new "body style" as many expect when the announcement was made. 2014 Rancher AT models will have the 2007-2013 TRX420 Rancher body style.

The upside to all of this is you as the consumer will have even more options when deciding which Rancher you'd like to buy for 2014. We've had some customers overwhelmed in the past few years with all of the new options available between the Recon / Rancher / Foreman / Rubicon / Rincon ATV lineup and now we'll really have our hands full haha. 

So that gives you (3) transmission choices on your 2014 Rancher ATV. Choose from the semi-automatic foot shift manual transmission, our Electric Shift Program (ES also known as ESP) for push-button shifting, or Honda's exlcuse fully Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Stay tuned for an update on the 2014 Foreman 500 "MSRP" prices and also our 2014 TRX500 Foreman Sale price here at Honda of Chattanooga.

2014 Rancher TRX420 Price List Key:
  • AT = Automatic
  • ES = Electric Shift
  • EPS = Electric Power Steering
  • Manual Shift = Model that doesn't have ES / AT beside it.
  • Prices do not reflect Camo MSRP.

Model Name Model Rear Suspension Colors MSRP
Rancher TRX420TM1E Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive $5,199
Rancher ES TRX420TE1E Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive $5,449
Rancher 4x4 TRX420FM1E Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive / Phantom Camo $6,199
Rancher 4x4 ES   TRX420FE1E Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive / Phantom Camo $6,449
Rancher 4x4 AT TRX420FA1E Solid Rear Axle Orange / Red / Olive / Phantom Camo $6,699
Rancher 4x4 AT EPS TRX420FA2E   Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive / Phantom Camo $7,399
Rancher 4x4 EPS  TRX420FM2E Solid Rear Axle Red / Olive / Camo $6,899
Rancher 4x4 AT TRX420FAE IRS Red / Olive / White $7,099
Rancher 4x4 AT EPS TRX420FPAE IRS Red / Olive / White $7,349

Due to Honda's new Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy our wholesale Honda ATV prices are too low to advertise on these 2014 Honda Rancher ATVs as well as the leftover 2013 Rancher ATVs we currently have in stock. 

Please check with us here at Honda of Chattanooga for our 2014 Honda Rancher 420 ATV Sale price before you make your next purchase. Contact info below:

2014 TRX420FPAE Rancher AT ES ESP Power Steering DCT
2014 Rancher 4x4 AT EPS (TRX420FPAE)

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