Thursday, November 21, 2013

2014 Valkyrie Review of Specs / Release Date / Price / Pics / Video + More! 2014 Valkyrie Pre Order SALE at Honda of Chattanooga TN

2014 Valkyrie Power Cruiser Sale Price Release Date Honda of Chattanooga TN Motorcycle Dealer

Introducing the All NEW Power Cruiser from Honda for 2014, the Valkyrie. This is yet another completely New model adding to the 2014 Honda Motorcycle Model Lineup. Honda has really been on the ball lately with releasing new model after new model and then adding even more to the model lineup since we kicked off the 2013 model year and they have kept surprising us even as we roll into the 2014 calendar year. Scroll all the way down to browse through a review of the 2014 Valkyrie Specs, Price, Release Date, Features & Benefits, Video and More... Leave a comment below, let us know what you think about the All New 2014 Valkyrie. Has Honda got a huge hit on their hands?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More NEW 2014 Honda Models Just Released! Specs / Release Dates on 2014 Motorcycles / Touring / Sport Bikes / Cruiser / Adventure / Scooters + More For the 2014 Honda Model Lineup

If you follow our Blog, we have been making the announcements on all of the 2014 Honda Motorcycles / Side by Sides / ATV's / Scooters as they are announced to us as a dealer from Honda. May of 2013 was the last big update from Honda which brought us news of the ever so popular Honda Grom being added to the 2014 model lineup along with the new Pioneer 700 & Pioneer 700-4 UTV / SxS, both of those new models really got everyone's attention. Honda has had so many new models up their sleeves the last 24 months, it is crazy! I'm glad to see Honda is back on their feet and they are definitely showing everyone in the industry they are back and making it well known why Honda is #1.

2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for Honda as we have even more exciting new models (below) that bring new options to an expansive line of motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Side-By-Sides.

"Whether you're a new rider or an experienced enthusiast, this announcement of new street models offers something exciting for you," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "Over the course of the last two years, Honda has introduced many exciting new models across all segments, and we will continue to strengthen our model line-up as evidenced by this announcement...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2014 CBR1000RR SP Review of Specs / Release Date / Price / Pics & Video + More!

2014 CBR1000RR SP Review Specs Release Date Price Pics Video Pre Order Sale Honda of Chattanooga TN

Introducing the All NEW 2014 CBR1000RR SP Edition, AKA the baddest Honda CBR1000RR Sport Bike for the Street that Honda has ever produced! 

With all of the "Production Street Legal" V4 CBR1000RR / Fireblade / RC213V rumors floating around everyone was expecting to see some details on that model releasing at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy which runs from November 5-10th. Looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer on that news but until then this newly revamped BAAAD CBR1000RR SP will definitely keep us occupied with something to drool over...

2014 CTX1300 Review of Specs / Features / Release Date / Price / Pics & Video + More!

2014 CTX1300 Review Specs Features Release Date Pics Video CTX 1300 V4 Engine Sale Price Honda of Chattanooga

Introducing the All New 2014 CTX1300... This post will be a quick Review of the CTX1300 and its Specs along with going over all of the Features & Benefits with plenty of pictures and video of the All New model being added to the 2014 Honda Motorcycle Lineup. If you'd like to see the previous Blog post with the CTX1300 Spy Photos - Click Here. Scroll down to check out all of the available information we have on this new model being added to the CTX Series line of Motorcycles.

2014 CTX1300 Deluxe Speakers Stereo Bluetooth CTX Series 1300 V4 Engine Release Date Specs Gauges Sale Price Honda of Chattanooga
CTX1300 with available Bluetooth Stereo + More!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

More ALL NEW 2014 Honda Motorcycles Will Be Announced Monday, November 4th (11/4/2013). Will we be getting the CTX1300 / CRF250M Motard or CBR300R?

Official Release Date Has Been Announced for 2014 Models Being Added to the Model Lineup

All New 2014 Honda Motorcycles Models Announced Release Date Specs Price More - CBR300R - CTX1300 - CRF250M - Honda of Chattanooga

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting Honda to release even more new motorcycles that will be added to the 2014 Honda Motorcycle Model Lineup. Especially with the recent spy shots being released online of the "possible" 2014 CBR300R and the 2014 CTX1300 that has been getting a lot of attention with it's custom styling and V4 engine from the ST1300. I'll get to the date of their release right below...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

2014 Foreman 500 SALE at Honda of Chattanooga TN ATV Dealer // 2014 TRX500 Foreman IN STOCK!

2014 Foreman 500 TRX500FE2E ES Power Steering EPS SALE Price Honda of Chattanooga TN ATV Dealer

We can finally say the 2014 Foreman 500 is In Stock and on Sale here at Honda of Chattanooga in TN! Ever since Honda announced that the TRX500 Foreman was going to be completely redesigned for 2014 with a host of new changes like a differential lock and more, it has gotten everyone excited. Now let's get to the good stuff with some 2014 Foreman 500 Pictures, Video, Review of Specs, 2014 TRX500 Foreman SALE Prices and more below...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 CB500F For Sale at Honda of Chattanooga TN / CB500F Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust + More! Yoshi Exhaust Sound Clip / Pictures on Honda 500

2013 CB500F For Sale Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust Carbon Fiber CB500 Bar End Mirrors Seat Cowl

The CB500F has been a difficult bike to find in stock at any Honda Dealer over the last few months. Unlike the CBR500R and CB500X, as most dealers will have plenty of those in stock. We have a treat for you if you're looking for a 2013 Honda CB500F For Sale.

We have a 2013 CB500F For Sale here at Honda of Chattanooga, your local TN Honda Motorcycle Dealer since 1962! Now let's get to some details on this beautifully modded CB500F...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2014 CTX1300 V4 Cruiser / Touring? NEW 2014 Honda Motorcycle Spy Photos! - 2014 CTX1300 Review of Specs / Release Date Info Coming Soon.

Update November 4th - The CTX1300 Info has been release Click Here ---> 2014 CTX1300 Review of Specs / Release Date / Pics / Video + More!

2014 CTX1300 V4 Cruiser / Touring Motorcycle anyone? Honda is on their game adding even more motorcycles to their 2014 model lineup. With the spy shots of the CTX1300 popping up it goes right in line with what Honda told us dealers when they released the CTX700 / CTX700N for 2014, that it was only the begging of the CTX model lineup.

2014 CTX1300 Spy Photos Honda Motorcycles New Models CTX700 CTX Series 1300

The CTX1300 styling is spot on with the already in production CTX700N / CTX700 models. The engine is one of the 1st things that pops out on you when looking at the CTX1300, it's v4 design looks like it is based off of the bulletproof ST1300 V-4 engine platform. The engine in the CTX1300, if it is the same spec wise as the ST1300 V4 engine it produces 117 horsepower at 8,000 rpm and 86 lb.-ft. of torque at 6,500 rpm. Also you can tell from the pictures that it is shaft driven and not chain driven like the CTX1300's little brothers, the CTX700 series.

2014 CTX1300 V4 Engine Motor Motorcycle 2014 Honda Model Lineup

Honda is scheduled to release (3) NEW 2014 Motorcycles to their 2014 model lineup. The picture below shows what Honda has "under wraps", so as of right now it is all speculation when it comes to exactly what those (3) new models will be for 2014. Guessing what they may or may not be is part of the fun though, right?

Friday, October 18, 2013

2014 CBR300R is Coming! CBR300R Release Date / Price / Specs / Pictures / Video and More! NEW 2014 Honda Motorcycle Models to the Lineup

2014 CBR300R Price Release Date Specs Pics Video Info CBR300 2014 Engine Frame

The CBR300R is coming to the US for 2014! Honda has stepped it up again and is going right back after Kawasaki with the Ninja 300 after they decided to bump the Ninja engine size from 250cc to 300cc after Honda entered the market with the CBR250R.

The information started scattering around online so fast it would give you whiplash after it was announced at a press conference in China on October 17, 2013. Here is a quick quote from the press release before we get into more on the All New 2014 CBR300RAt the press conference, Seiji Kuraishi, Chief Operating Officer for Honda's regional operations in China, made the following announcement:

Friday, September 27, 2013

2014 Rancher 420 SALE / AT - DCT - ES - EPS + More In Stock at Honda of Chattanooga TN // (TRX420FM1E / TRX420FE1E / TRX420FA2E / TXR420TE1E) 2014 Rancher ATV Pictures - Video - Review of Specs & More!

2014 Rancher 420 Sale Price Wholesale Honda of Chattanooga ATV Dealer TN TRX420FM1E

2014 Rancher 420 SALE! We finally have the newly redesigned 2014 Rancher 420 In Stock here at Honda of Chattanooga. Scroll down to see more of the 2014 Rancher ATV's that we just got in stock, ranging from the new 2014 Rancher AT / DCT with EPS Power Steering (TRX420FA2E) to the 2014 Rancher ES (TRX420FE1E) to the Manual Shift 2014 Rancher (TRX420FM1E) and also for the people that don't want 4x4, I've got the 2x4 Rancher ES (TRX420TE1E) and more rolling !

2014 Rancher AT 420 EPS Power Steering Sale Price Honda Chattanooga TN ATV Dealer TRX420FA2E Phantom Camo

As always here at Honda of Chattanooga, we discount all of our new models with our Sale prices, even on HOT items like the All NEW 2014 420 Rancher. Our 2014 TRX420 Rancher SALE price is too LOW to advertise, please see below on how to get our sale price on all of the Honda ATVs in the 2014 model lineup.

Check out the 2014 Rancher Video below too with a complete walk-around video showing off all of the changes to the Rancher for 2014.